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  • SimpleCarousel
    Display images and links on your portal home

    Simple carousel is an effective way to present customers specific and visually impactful images and information which showcase news, offers, projects and/or services to their best advantage. Simple Carousel provides you with an easy and efficient way of customizing your images and text to be rotated, scheduled and displayed in a format which can be quickly and simply updated as your online needs change.

    Why did we build it?

    ​​​​​​​​​We developed Simple Carousel to provide our clients with a customizable and flexible tool which may be easily configured by site administrators to promote and highlight information. We built this app for ease of use, and to provide you with the ability to adjust images and information in whatever order, time and location you require to target your specific needs and keep your homepage current and fresh. Simple Carousel is simple to configure but powerful in its capacity to display your information and promote your business online.

    What does it do?

    Simple Carousel allows you to present your company information by using the following functions:

    • Scrolling between items to browse titles,
      descriptions and images easily
    • Adding unlimited links to the information which are taken from two easily managed SharePoint lists – one for text and one for images
    • Rotating displayed content on a set schedule using dates to show and dates to stop showing which can be configured in easy-to-use menus
    • Allowing multiple site administrators to customize content in their individual sections of the website and present information that is unique to their product, service or function within the organization
    • Permitting customers to interactively filter the content to view the information they need quickly and easily
    • Each subsite can have its own unique content.
    • Dates are used for publishing (date to show or stop showing)
    • Audiences can be used for filters on each item