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  • SimpleTabs
    Add more web page content without clutter with simple tabs
    This web part helps you to save screen space, focus attention and have more content available instantly with only one click. SharePoint Simple Tabs provide an unobtrusive and compact manner of presenting content.  Users love tabs, and know how to use them. Imagine all the SharePoint views that could each have a tab to make them friendly. Just drag them into a web part zone and style them as you wish!

    Why did we build it?

    ​​​​​​Deciding what to put on the home page can be a challenge as there is only so much space. Simple Tabs can solve this dilemma. Imagine your home page with logical areas for multiple calendars or announcements, HR related information, staff anniversaries, birthdays, and much more!​

    This web part gives the ability to display more information on a page in the same area without being cluttered.

    What does it do?

    • Simple Tabs permit users to view a group of related data "one at a time," which in turn allows designers to modularize this group of information in a compacted manner, saving valuable screen real estate.
    • Add this web part to a web part zone and any web parts in the zone will be grouped up as tabs.
    • The tabs color can be chosen through the browser in just a few clicks.